About Our Shades

Outdoor roll down sunshades are called by many different names throughout the country such as retractable screens, roll downs, roll ups, patio screens, drop shades, patio shades, shade screens and many others. These names all refer to a vertical fabric shade that rolls down to shade or protect your outdoor area and roll up when you don’t need it.

SW Sun Control builds three different models of outdoor roll down sunshades, the Sun Shade Lite, Sun Shade HD and Sun Shade Standard. Our selection of outdoor shades can be custom built up to 20 feet wide. Each of our models has many standard and optional features that allow you to design the perfect outdoor sunshade for your home.

Parts of a Shade

There are four main components of our sunshades: Operator, Hardware, Fabric and Guide Options.


Our operators come in three varieties: chain pull, gear and Somfy motors.

Chain Pull

The chain pull option consists of a clutch with a bead chain that the user pulls to raise and lower their shade. This operator requires the user to lift the actual weight of the shade when operating.

Gear with Handbrace

The gear option allows the user to take advantage of the gears lifting ratio to raise and lower the shade using a handbrace. This operator allows the manual operation of larger retractable shades.

Somfy Motorization

The Somfy motor option allows the user to raise and lower their shade with the push of a button. Somfy motors are recommended for larger outdoor shades and installations that require operating many outdoor shades at once. Installing a Somfy motor in an exterior sunshade also allows the homeowner to take advantage of available sun sensors, wind sensors and timers available to automate their shades


Our Sun Shades are also differentiated by the mounting hardware that is used to install the outdoor shades to the mounting structure. Typically the larger the shade the more heavy duty the specified mounting hardware will be. Each of our models the Sun Shade Lite, Sun Shade HD and Sun Shade Standard use different strengths of mounting hardware.


SW Sun Control has a large variety of outdoor shading fabrics. We offer many different colors, weaves and styles to allow the homeowner to customize their project even further. Most of the outdoor fabrics we use on our products come with a ten-year warranty. The fabric that is chosen for your sunshade is what is seen most of the time and what does the work to protect your outdoor area, making it one of the most important parts of your Sun Shade.

Guide Options

The guide options for your Sun Shade are what controls a Sun Shade in windy or breezy conditions. SW Sun Control offers three guide options for our outdoor shades. We offer cable guide, tracks and bungee tie downs.

Cable Guides

The cable guide system allows the user to have their Sun Shade at any height and keep it from blowing around in windy conditions. The cable guide system is the most reliable wind control option available for Sun Shades.

Magnetic Lock Systems

The magnetic lock system combines the cable guide with two magnet locks on the bottom bar. Keeping the shade fabric hanging straighter in windy conditions. The magnetic lock system is a great addition to our cable guide system.