How to Measure for Solar Shades
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Solar shades are a wonderful investment for your home, offering customized shade and protection from the hot, damaging rays of the sun. Once you’re ready to purchase solar shades for your home, the first step in this process is to measure your windows to determine the size shade you will need for proper installation. If you aren’t sure how to measure your windows or believe you will need a customized fit, contact SW Sun Control for assistance.

Measuring for Exterior Solar Shades

To measure for exterior solar shades, you’ll need to measure the appropriate opening width in three separate places: the top, the middle, and the bottom of the door or window. Once you have your three widths, subtract 3/4 inch from the narrowest width—this final value will be your solar shade width. To measure for the height of your exterior solar shade, first measure the total opening height. If your solar shade will be mounted on an outside or inside mount cable, the height required is exactly the height of the opening. For an under mount cable, you’ll need to subtract the height of the brackets or box to get the necessary height for your solar shade.

Measuring for Interior Solar Shades

To measure for solar shades using an interior mount, measure across the top, middle, and bottom of the opening. Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch; when you are finished, subtract 1/4 inch from the smallest width to determine your total solar shade width. For an outside mount, add at least one inch on each side to ensure the shade covers the edges completely. Finally, measure the height of the opening at the right, center, and left to the nearest 1/8 inch, choosing the longest measurement as your height.

Are you ready to order solar shades or exterior awnings for your Tucson home? Contact SW Sun Control today by calling (520) 792-1775 for more information about completing your order. You can find additional tips and information about our custom solar shade products on our website.

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