Reasons to Add a Motor to Your Outdoor Shades
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Outdoor solar shades are an excellent choice to provide much-needed shade and protection from the sun in Tucson. Regardless of the style of your exterior solar shades, adding motorized operation can offer you many benefits. Motorized outdoor shades can be operated via handheld or wall-mounted remotes, depending upon your preferences and needs.


Outdoor windows are often large not only in width, but in height as well. If you choose to install shades over a large window, accessing a manual control could put you at risk for a fall. Rather than climbing onto a ladder, chair, window ledge, or other object to move your shade up and down, motorized shades allow you to change the position of your shades instantly with the push of a button. You won’t need to worry about overexerting yourself or risking an injury just to enjoy more or less shade!


In addition to improving your safety, motorized outdoor shades are also much more convenient. You can raise or lower outdoor shades from anywhere on your property using a wireless remote, which can save you time and effort. If you want to raise or lower outdoor shades for greater comfort while you are inside, operating your shades via remote is much simpler than walking outside to raise or lower them manually. Motorized shades can also be raised or lowered easily even in inclement weather, which can protect your windows and improve comfort inside without the need to expose yourself to the elements. A motorized option is also much more convenient for those who are older or have difficulty moving, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of your solar shade regardless of whether you have assistance available to adjust it.

SW Sun Control is pleased to offer manual and motorized solar shade options for your home’s interior and exterior spaces. Take a look through our website to explore our full range of sun shades and retractable awnings, or call (520) 792-1775 to speak with a staff member about your needs.

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