Tips for Manually Retracting Your Awning
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When you’re looking for a way to expand your outdoor living space, add style to your home, and save as much as 40 percent on your cooling bills, a retractable awning could be the right solution for you. Retractable awnings look great and protect your home from the sun’s harsh UV rays that can damage your furniture and other decorations. Whether it’s raining or sunny outside, you can always enjoy the outdoors when you have a retractable awning covering your porch or patio. Read on for tips on how to manually retract your awning safely.

Understand the Mechanism

Retractable awnings can be motorized or operated by gears. Even if you have a motorized retractable awning, you should know how to manually retract it in case power goes out or the weather takes a turn for the worse. You can choose which type makes more sense for your home and budget when you are selecting an awning. For example, you might choose to have smaller awnings be gear-operated, while it might be easier for larger awnings to be motorized. If you have a motorized awning, be sure that the automatic retraction feature is turned off during manual retraction.

Begin the Retraction

Depending on the type of awning you have, the manual lever rod may be attached or removable. The tip of the rod should be inserted into the retracting mechanism, which may be hidden when the awning is open. Before you start to crank the lever and close the awning, make sure that any locks are open so that you don’t damage the awning, or injure yourself by trying to force it. Remember that there may be a few locks on the awning, so familiarize yourself with it as soon as it is installed. Turn the lever until you see the awning begin to retract, and continue until it won’t go any further.

For answers to all of your questions about retractable awnings, contact SW Sun Control at (520) 792-1775. We create custom awnings for your home or business, and will deliver right to your door. Let us know how we can help you increase the style and comfort of your space.

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